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LawrenceYour-coach is located at Mataetai, East Auckland.

It is owned and operated by Ex pro UK triathlete, Lawrence Oldershaw. Tri NZ accredited Level 2 coach

Who is Lawrence? Formally of the RAF where he got hooked on sport. Lawrence competed at a reasonably high level at steeplechase and X-country. Then after a stint in the Gulf war, where running in his RAF work boots gave him shin splints, he returned home to the UK and took up Triathlon - his first time since a kid on a bike!!

All went fairly well and after a few years of hard work, he decided to try and race full time. After a couple of successful seasons, turned pro in 1996. He earned his place on the British Elite Olympic Distance Squad. Then the Ironman bug struck. Struggling for funding to train full time, he muddled by with what he had. He has raced over 25 Ironman distance races. His best moment was the 9 hour effort that secured him British Long Course Champion in 2001 a title defended and retained for the next year. Lawrence laid off IM for a while but he proved there was life in the old dog yet taking out his age group securing a Kona slot at IMNZ 2010.

Lawrence is no longer competitively training. While training for a Kona slot at IMNZ 2012 he was pulled out of the water in a local race in the January, having what felt like a panic attack. A number of tests later revealed “heart disease” a very uncomfortable term for an athlete. A bicuspid aortic valve and an aneurism on his aortic root as made him step back from hard training and competition. He still maintains his fitness but now has even more time to focus on athlete’s in his care!

Lawrence is a seasoned coach with over 15 years of experience. He is a tri NZ Level 2 coach (and British Triathlon Association level 1) and working towards his Level 3. He has coached people in triathlon since the early 1990s and in 2001 formalising the business providing not only coaching but sports massage and injury treatment. Lawrence has also successfully coached people in single disciplines and many multisport and endurance events.

“What I wanted to establish was a business where I could help people exceed their expectations. Whether that is by relieving a muscular tension, helping rehabilitation from injuries, or coaching and aiding a sports person to achieve their personal goals. Many years down the line I feel I am achieving my objectives and through that others are achieving theirs”.

Lawrence has coached athletes off all standards from all walks of life and with a variety of personal sporting goals, house wives through to national champions to those knocking on the door of turning professional. Lawrence has worked with althlete’s to achieve countless Ironman finishes, several Kona slots, pro elite cycling status and many running achievements and titles from middle distance to marathon des sable.

Tri Accredited

 Objectives of your-coach

  • To provide accessibility to affordable results proven coaching
  • To provide realistic training plans with clear objectives determined by coach and athlete
  • To maximise an individuals potential by setting realistic yet challenging goals
  • To never lose sight that a client has a life outside sport