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Maraetai Drive, Maraetai, Auckland
Phone: 021 807 404

The Ouch! Philosophy

Ouch! is based on demonstrably proven techniques and therapies. Over the years we have worked on developing a treatment system that is the most effective; cutting out the bits that are either unnecessary or just don't work, leaving more time in a session for the stuff that does.

Our aim is to get the client back out doing what they want to do, as quickly as possible. The therapists (male and female) working at Ouch! are totally committed to client care. We have a wide range of experience, working with recreational and professional athlete’s, treating simple muscle aches to post cancer care.

Ouch! Treatments

Sports and General Massage
$65 ($40 for your-coach clients) for 60 mins, $40 for 30 mins

This treatment offers the most effective methods to get those muscles relaxed, flexibility increased, promote recovery, as well as all the short, medium and long term benefits of good massage therapy.

Injury Treatment
$65 ($40 for your-coach clients) for 60 mins, $40 for 30 mins
We use a range of remedial massage techniques, electrical therapies (Ultra sound, Interferential, Pulsed magnetic therapy) and manual treatments. We work hard, along side the client, to facilitate rapid recovery.

Lymphatic Drainage
$65 ($40 for your-coach clients) for 60 mins, $40 for 30 mins

To promote recovery of swelling and oedema. This is a very gentle massage, but when carried out correctly, has massive benefits. Especially for recent injuries, post operation (particularly useful for those people having had lymph nodes removed - post cancer).

All treatments are 1 hour unless otherwise stated