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Your-coach offers a comprehensive yet affordable coaching. The same individual attention is offered to all from beginner to elite, we pride ourselves on offering a great service and a close working relationship between coach and athlete to 'get the job done'.

Your-coach training schedules are accessed on line via a comprehensive internet based framework; “Training Peaks” your training is clearly set out in calendar format and can easily be printed off if needed. The training schedules are supported with access to Lawrence via E mail and telephone / skype contact and your-coach hosted group sessions.

Each programme is put together specifically for the individual, we do not buy into the one size fits all approach, everybody is different with individual physiology, lifestyle, time constraints, aims, family and work commitments, we recognize these as significant factors and adapt the training schedule to fit these needs, demands and pressures.

We also run group training sessions and camps and are available for 1:1 coaching.

If you want any further information or have a query then please contact us using the enquiry form on the contact page, text phone or Email, we will hopefully be able to help if not we may know a man who can!


Every person is unique, We work with you to design you a programme to fit in with all your individual needs while maximising your potential. Coaching can be for Triathlon (all distances), swim, bike or run.

Your-coach philosophy believes that becoming faster does not have to be just about grinding out the K’s. SOUND TECHNIQUE in all disciplines is essential. Poor technique limits the speed you can achieve along with substantially increasing the risk of injury. Efficiency in movement will increase speed with less output. A lot of training I see being done out there is training the body to perfect poor technique. At your coach we take time to look at technique and get it right or at least improved to a good level before we start layering on the Km’s. We emphasise the importance of embedding quality movement, this is reflected in our sessions and feedback.

Being the best you can be is not easy but good technique will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Your-coach Monthly Coaching Plan – with Lawrence Oldershaw (Tri NZ L2)
The plans can be for Triathlon (distance specific) or any of the 3 individual disciplines eg a bike only plan.

Cost: $195* per calendar month (+$100 initial set up fee)

(* as part of the coaching conditions a monthly direct credit needs to be set up by the athlete)

What's included:

  • Initial set up questionnaire and meeting / conversation
  • Outline plan of how the months will look up to your target race
  • Individualised monthly training programme (modified on a weekly basis if needed based on feedback) with clear session instructions including heart rates to work at.
  • Free access to the internet based training programme – Training Peaks
    - Your comments can be added on line and received instantaneously by your-coach on Email
    - Training can be easily printed off
  • Regular test sets to monitor progress – full feedback will be given
  • Unlimited Email access for any questions / queries via Email or the on line training package
  • Up to 1 call per week (initiated and booked by the athlete, at a time to suit both parties)
  • In-depth Race planning session for key race
    - race day nutrition recommendations
    - Pre race and race day mental preparation and race day strategies
    - Race day practical plan – logistics, equipment, clothing etc.
  • Free your-coach hosted group sessions / camps (food and accommodation extra if relevant)
  • Discounted massage and 1:1 sessions
  • Discounted sports massage and injury treatment with Lawrence

Your-coach plans are appropriate for athletes training with or without a Heart Rate Monitor. For more precise and personal training zones we do recommend the use of a Heart Rate Monitor and athletes are encouraged to have a Lactate Test or ideally attended one of our Athlete Assessment Days. This is to ensure we have as much information as possible about your working heart rates, and current athletic strengths and weaknesses. If you are unable to attend one of these your-coach sessions then we can discuss how else we can establish this information.

One off Coached Sessions

1:1 Sessions – With Lawrence Oldershaw

90 mins in duration (including debrief), swim, bike or run you choose. We will focus on what you want to achieve from the session. Swimming improvement, hill climbing etc.

Cost: $75 per hour ($45 for athletes on a your-coach training plan)

Triathlete Assessment Day (approx. 6 hours) Based in Maraetai, Auckland – With Lawrence Oldershaw
$250 ($175 for your-coach clients)

    Swim Assessment – Pool

    Bike Assessment

    Run assessment

    Lactate test to set training levels


  • Pool entry
  • Lunch
  • Lactate test worth $95
  • Report of days findings and lactate test results
  • Video analysis and feedback on the day

  • Cyclist Assessment Day (approx. 6 hours) – With Lawrence Oldershaw
    $250 ($175 for your-coach clients)

    Bike Assessment and technique session including some video analysis

    Lactate test to set training levels

    Core stability and stretches for cyclists session


  • Report of days findings and lactate test results
  • Lunch and morning or afternoon tea
  • Lactate test worth $95
  • Video analysis and feedback on the day
  • SWIM

    Swim Clinics with video analysis

    This is an hours pool based session, where we assess your swim stroke and work on drills and techniques to improve the efficiency of your swimming to ultimately enable you to swim faster for longer. Part of the session is videoed both under water and from the surface and we will view this footage after the hour long swim. These sessions are aimed at all abilities from virtually non-swimmers to the more competent swimmer.

    Cost: $20 per person / $15 for your-coach clients (6 people)

    Dates: tbc

    Please call to register interest

    OW Swimming Confidence and Swim Session

    A morning of confidence building and learning and refining OW swim techniques, followed by a Kayak supported sea/lake swim (up to 3K) but shorter options also available, the session is followed with a very social sausage sandwich and OJ.

  • open water skills
    - Keeping out of trouble
    - Siting
  • race starts
  • Cost: $15 (free for your-coach clients at your-coach organised dates)

    Dates: tbc

    Please call to register interest


    Bike Skills Day

    1 1/2 days of improving how we handle our bikes. Starting on Sat morning and finishing on Sunday lunchtime. We will start by looking at the condition of our equipment and how to maintain it to get the most out of our ride. We will look at individuals riding position and change if necessary. We will then focus on how to handle a bike and practise practise practise, hill climbing, descending, cornering, turning in a narrow space, drinking while riding etc. We will also look at how to Time trail in a triathlon and how to bunch ride safely and with good training effect. This is a course aimed at the beginner, improver or those lacking in confidence.

    Cost: $200

    Book as an individual or get a group together and split the cost (Max 4 per session)


    Run Technique Clinic with video analysis(approx. 1 1/2 hours)

    Session to going through specific individual running technique and how to maximise for improved performance, the session will be filmed and played back to improve understanding and to aid improvement. Includes running drills and core stability work.

    Cost: $100

    Book as an individual or get a group together and split the cost (Max 2 per session)

    Run Technique Clinic (approx. 1 1/2 hours

    Session to going through specific individual running technique and how to maximise for improved performance, the session will be filmed and played back to improve understanding and to aid improvement. Includes running drills and core stability work.

    Cost: $100

    Book as an individual or get a group together and split the cost (Max 2 per session)

    Other Services

    Lactate Testing – With Lawrence Oldershaw

    When you exercise you produce lactic acid, as an endurance athlete if you produce too much lactic acid it will impair your performance. The Lactate Balance Point (LBP) is the physiological point at which you will recycle lactic acid as fast as you can produce it. This test takes you to the point just above where you are producing more lactate than you can process. The LBP helps us establish a number of training levels which form a base of the training plan. This test is used to help athletes from beginner to Professional get the most out of their training.

    Bike Set up – With Lawrence Oldershaw

    Getting the right position on the bike is critical for optimising the power you put through the pedals, for helping you go as fast as you can but also find a position that is sustainable for your chosen distance. I have seen many injuries and muscle imbalances through my clinic as a result of incorrect bike set up. What is an ideal position for one person on a bike is probably not the same position as another person.


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